Good Jobs

Nickie will work to keep jobs and businesses in Northeast Ohio competitive, while also developing strategies to support existing and emerging small businesses and creative economic opportunities in our District.

Nickie will work for women’s equal pay for equal work

Nickie will work for workplace respect

Nickie will also support efforts to create manufacturing jobs in green and sustainable technologies.

Nickie will continue to defend worker’s right to organize and collectively bargain for wages and safe working conditions.

Nickie continue to advocate for  civil-rights  protections for all  Ohioans including LGBTQ community to advance equality and move Ohio into the 21st Century

Excellence in Education

Nickie will strive to ensure that each student has access to quality, affordable education pre-K through college.

Nickie will continue to work to fully fund public education.

Nickie will work to reduce testing

Nickie will continue to work for transparency, accountability and to hold Charter schools up to the same standards as public schools.

Nickie will continue to advocate for affordable college, to increase funds in OCOG, and to create strategies to erase college debt.

Senior Services

Nickie will work to increase protections for seniors

Nickie will work to increase services for aging in place

Nickie will  advocate for increase in funding for home delivered meals

Smart Growth

In keeping with using arts and culture as an economic engine and driver for innovative economic solutions, Nickie will collaborate in locating support for projects that fit into our unique, diverse and historic communities. Efforts and initiatives to maintain and shore up infrastructure, maintain quality public services, build on the strength of our urban core to attract  sensible economic development projects and  potential employers are also key to the collaborative approaches Nickie  will work on.

Nickie will also strive to return local government funds to communities.

Healthy Communities

Nickie will continue to work as an advocate for families, seniors and youth and the organizations that provide opportunities to keep our District healthy, vibrant and successful.

Nickie is dedicated to the effective delivery of Health Care for All

Nickie supports women’s constitutional rights and reproductive freedom.

Nickie supports sensible gun laws

Nickie works for a comprehensive approach to the opioid epidemic

Infrastructure Repair

Nickie will work to return resources to fix roads, bridges and update facilities throughout the district & the community.

Collaborative Government

Nickie supports initiatives that are cooperative, efficient and transparent.


For more information about these Issues or to discuss Nickie’s candidacy, please contact us.