News: Today is a new and Beautiful Day to Canvass

April 10,2010

What a beautiful morning in HD 13!!

Thanks to the volunteers who showed

up bright and early to help!



April 9, 2010

My Opponent goes negative………………………………………

Dear Friends,

It is with great disappointment that I report that my opponent, Tom Bullock, has taken his campaign in a negative direction and launched an attack on my integrity. I have heard from many of you already regarding your disdain for his offensive, divisive and hateful message full of false accusations, made-up news article citations, bravado, untruths, and frankly a message that shows his lack of understanding of the budget process conducted by both the City Hall Administration and Council. Obviously Bullock will say anything to try and win.

As a result I need your help.

1) THIS is the toughest race I have ever been in- It is no longer a fair fight –

my opponent will stop at nothing to win – he’s shown that this week.

2) The race is really close- it will be determined in the next few weeks and the primary is May 4th.

3) I NEED YOUR HELP. In order to combat his message of hateful lies we need to raise $16,000 in the next two weeks. For example, if 160 people each gave $100 we could make the goal of $16,000.  Of course, we appreciate donations of any amount. You can donate online by clicking here or send a check to:

Friends of Nickie J. Antonio

1305 Belle Avenue

Lakewood, Ohio 44107

Ohio law allows a dollar for dollar credit on your Ohio income tax return for the first $50 per year for donations to state electoral campaigns, ($100) for joint filers.

Perhaps Angela Shukahosee’s email sent to me after receiving Bullock’s mailer says it best:

“After seeing Tom Bullock’s latest mailer, I felt sick.  Bullock makes references

to the work Democrats for Principled Leadership is doing, and tries to use it against Nickie Antonio, former Chair of the Cuyahoga County Women’s Democratic Caucus.  Despite initially working with him to organize a group that would work WITH and THROUGH our existing county Democratic Party, I’ve questioned his motives in the past, but this mailer only substantiates every suspicion I’ve had.  Bullock is obviously NOTHING but an opportunist and for him to deem himself “the leader” of a reform effort is simply inaccurate, untrue, and manipulative. And it’s certainly not an effort against the Party as he has made it out to be.  Bullock’s description of what we’ve tried to accomplish is not even accurate. Democrats for Principled Leadership is committed to strengthening our county Party and is committed to including all Democrats, old and new. This is just unacceptable on every level and Iwill do what I can to disassociate him from our effort. Bullock is the politicianhe seeks to denounce with his rhetoric. I am appalled by Tom Bullock’smailer and hope that the residents of HD 13 recognize what is really occurring.”

Angela Shuckahosee

Co-founder, Democrats for Principled Leadership

We cannot let someone new to our community who is willing

to lie and then talk about reform be our representative – we

all deserve better.

Please continue to communicate to your friends and neighbors  our positive message of bringing jobs, education and a State Representative who will be a collaborative agent for respectful process, who also knows how to get things done- that candidate is Nickie J. Antonio. If you are offended by the literature you received please communicate that as well.

Please call 216-221-4421 or email ( to volunteer (we need you! – stop by the office at 11642 Lorain Avenue – free parking in the back) or put up a yard sign.

Together we can continue the positive message of bringing jobs, excellence in education and transparency to good government in our district and our state.


Nickie J. Antonio