“I support Nickie for many reasons. She sees where change can be made and she works with whoever she needs to in order to get it done. Specifically she worked to pass a bill allow adoptees access to their original birth certificate. Many don’t understand the significance of this but to the adoption community this is a big step forward. #Nickiefor23 #AllinforAntonio” – Fran DiDonato

“I support Nickie because she supports me. We need LGBTQ representation at the federal, state, and local levels.” – Cindy Strebig

“Nickie has represented this district well and I want to see that she will be able to continue to do so!” – Lucy Beckett Martinez

“Nickie’s experience, beliefs and values make her the best candidate to represent Cleveland and Lakewood in Columbus.” – Kyle Weigand

“On May 8th, I am voting for Nickie Antonio, a Democrat, for Ohio State Senate because she is incredibly hard-working, smart, and compassionate. She is also a really good listener who tries to find common ground between different groups to improve the lives of regular people.” – Colleen Clark-Sutton

“I support Nickie J. Antonio because she is a leading voice for families, for women and for children.” – Martha Loughridge

“Nickie listens and helps her constituents! Nickie is there for you!” – Bill Grulich

“Nickie Antonio is the real deal. She has been forging relationships with the people in her district – and beyond – for years. Some people can name Gold Star Mother groups; Nickie knows the names of the Gold Star mothers.” – DL Meckes

“Nickie is a strong, important voice for Cleveland in the state legislature!” – Anonymous

“Nickie’s courage to face and work with the hard issues is commendable.” – Maria Parke

“Nickie: Intelligent Leadership, knowledgeable on the issues, and responsive to the citizens & community.” – Evan Parke

“Nickie gives voice to the voiceless. What better value could a legislator have!” – Anonymous

“As a representative, Nickie has been responsive to my concerns for the vulnerable populations that I serve as a nurse.” – Maureen Sweeney

2016 and earlier:

“Nickie J. Antonio has background, experience, and deep interest in health care and social service delivery for all of the people in her district. That’s why I’m voting for Nickie.”
Ellen Brzytwa

“She’s very genuine. She means what she says. I support Nickie J. Antonio for State Rep.”
Leslie Favre

“We need more smart, hard-working people for elected officials. I’m voting for Nickie Antonio for State Rep.”
Tom Sutton

“During a long history of community involvement as a teacher and social services administrator, ANTONIO consistently has shown an ability to roll up her sleeves and get things done” “…she would be an effective legislator right out of the gate.”
Plain Dealer Endorsement 4/3/10

“Nickie does her homework and works hard. That’s why I’m voting for Nickie Antonio for State Rep.”
Linda Beebe

“Nickie Antonio studies issues, brings people together to find common solutions, and does whatever it takes to get the job done. I’m voting for Nickie Antonio .”
Colleen Clark-Sutton

“Nickie has been a dedicated and responsive advocate for our family and our neighborhood during her time on Lakewood City Council. Nickie gets out vote for State Representative”
Linda and Dave Turk