“Dear Nickie:
The purpose of this e-mail is to offer my whole-hearted endorsement and support of your campaign to be our next State Representative. The hard work, dedication and intelligence that you have consistently demonstrated on Lakewood City Council will serve the people of Lakewood and Cleveland well at the state level.

Thank you for your graciousness in not pestering your fellow Council members for an endorsement. Since you are running against a fellow member of Council, your attempt to keep this a positive and issue-oriented campaign is much appreciated. There was no need to draw battle lines among members of Council, but unfortunately your opponent has not shown the same grace, class and professionalism as you. He has abused our legislative process for purely political reasons and has created an atmosphere of poison on City Council.

But this endorsement is not about your opponent. It is all about the good work you will continue to do on our behalf in Columbus. Although you have not solicited this endorsement, I offer it fully and freely. Please let me know how I can be of service.Warmest Regards, ”
Brian Powers Lakewood City Councilmember

“Nickie J. Antonio has background, experience, and deep interest in health care and social service delivery for all of the people in her district. That’s why I’m voting for Nickie on May 4th.”
Ellen Brzytwa

“She’s very genuine. She means what she says. I support Nickie J. Antonio for State Rep.”
Leslie Favre

“We need more smart, hard-working people for elected officials. I’m voting for Nickie Antonio for State Rep.”
Tom Sutton

“Experience and a lifetime of community service count, they do count for something. I support Nickie Antonio for State Representative.”
Congresswoman Marcia L. Fudge

“During a long history of community involvement as a teacher and social services administrator, ANTONIO consistently has shown an ability to roll up her sleeves and get things done” “…she would be an effective legislator right out of the gate.”
Plain Dealer Endorsement 4/3/10

“Nickie does her homework and works hard. That’s why I’m voting for Nickie Antonio for State Rep.”
Linda Beebe

“Nickie Antonio studies issues, brings people together to find common solutions, and does whatever it takes to get the job done. I’m voting for Nickie Antonio on May 4th.”
Colleen Clark-Sutton

Nickie’s experience, beliefs and values make her the best candidate to represent Cleveland ad Lakewood in Columbus.
Kyle Weigand

“Nickie has been a dedicated and responsive advocate for our family and our neighborhood during her time on Lakewood City Council. Nickie gets out vote for State Representative”
Linda and Dave Turk