Building an innovative economy through equity, education, and infrastructure

Throughout her service as our State Senator, State Representative, and City Councilmember, Nickie Antonio has put people first.


Inspired economic recovery

A tireless advocate for the rights of workers to organize for fair wages and safe conditions, workplace respect, and equal pay for equal work, Senator Antonio supports efforts to create manufacturing jobs in green and sustainable technologies. She passed SB61, making it easier for home owners in planned to communities to install solar systems on their properties.

Senator Antonio’s advocacy at the Statehouse brought millions of crucial capital funding dollars to projects in our district, including to the Beck Center for the Arts, the Cassidy Theatre, and the Cove Community Center.

Senator Antonio is the Ranking Democratic Member on the Senate Transportation, Commerce and Workforce Committees.


Affordable, quality education

A former special education teacher, Senator Antonio is the founding co-chair of the Ohio Developmental Disabilities Caucus. She successfully advocated for us in the 2022-2023 budget, bringing funding home for STEM education through the Ohio Space Grant Consortium (OSGC), Cleveland’s Positive Education Program (PEP), and fully restoring the Public Library Fund, which helps keep our Northeast Ohio library systems the best in the nation.

Senator Antonio will continue to work to fully fund public education, hold Charter schools to the same standards as public schools, and create strategies to erase college debt.


Protection & help to age with dignity

Senator Antonio responded to constituent concerns by passing Esther’s Law, a bipartisan effort to mitigate instances of elder abuse and neglect in long-term care facilities by permitting families to electronically monitor their loved ones.

Working across the aisle and with Ohio’s health leaders, Senator Antonio co-sponsored SB 21 which improves stroke treatment and care. She passed legislation to raise diabetes awareness and continues to fight for the Insulin Affordability Act.


Ensuring healthcare and human rights

Senator Antonio is the ranking Democrat on the Senate Health, and Joint Medicaid Oversight Committees. In the 2022-2023 budget she successfully secured funding for the Cleveland Rape Crisis Center, Glenville based Birthing Beautiful Babies, and Domestic Violence prevention programs across the state.

Senator Antonio has built bipartisan support for the passage of the Ohio Fairness Act, to prohibit discrimination of LGBTQ+ Ohioans, and continues to advocate for sensible gun laws, reproductive freedom, an end to the death penalty, and healthcare for all.

Get to Know Nickie

Watch these videos from Senator Antonio’s successful 2018 campaign to learn more about her, her history in our community, and her service.